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“Shai’s yoga classes are magical and magnificent. She takes her time and brings you to another perception of space and time. to a different world within yourself.those yoga classes are so rare and hard to find,  i feel so pleased to know her. The mix between mindfulness and yoga exercise are very important for me, and Shai is able to create an atmosphere where you can feel peaceful, fulfilled and joyful.”.


“Shai’s classes were a refreshing take on yoga style I had tried previously: iyengar, hatha and vinyasa. I found her focus on sighing and voicing our feelings a very powerful tool and a particularly effective one at achieving a sense of physical and emotional relief. In a way it pushed me to connect deeper with breathing and body sensations. On a lighter note, I felt that Shai was able to make people feel comfortable with her spontanuous humour and inviting the group to be silly and have fun with their own practice.”


Shai’s class was the best one I have had in India so far! Travelling for 3 months now in India, I‘ve realized that Westernized yoga, in terms of anatomy and postures, suited me more than a traditional approach. In light of this, Shai guided us through an intelligent sequence that relaxed and refreshed our bodies. Mindful of her students needs and my neck injury, she was also able to suggest alternative postures. One of my favorite things is when the teacher explains the 3 sounds of Om before chanting it; she opened and closed the practice this way. Shai’s smile, soft voice and welcoming nature makes you feel at ease immediately. Her classes are suited for anyone ready to exhale bad stuff out and inhale good the stuff in;) "

Emmy, yoga teacher and coordinator at Yoga de Gatineau, Canada


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